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RARE French Empire gilt BRONZE CUPID STATUE ORMOLU angel ANTIQUE sculpture 1820 , Old French bronze lady statue 09693, Antique FRENCH ART NOUVEAU BRONZE SPELTER STATUE L'HISTOIRE Attr. JULIEN CAUSSE, BEAUTIFUL ANTIQUE FRENCH GILT BRONZE STATUE FIGURINE T.F.Somme 1871 1952, PAIR Antique Victorian FRENCH Cherub Spelter Bronze Jewelry Holder Statue Set, ANTIQUE BRONZE STATUE FIGURINE CUPID BOY FRENCH MOREAU, 19TH. CENTURY FRENCH GILDED BRONZE STATUE THREE GRACES FINE & RARE, ANTIQUE FRENCH ANIMALIER BRONZE STATUE BARYE TIGER DEVOURING GAVIAL CROCODILE, French Antique Bronze Statue Figurine Seated Woman Duchoiselle 1850 1900, Large 17 A FRENCH BRONZE STATUE of Venus De Milo no marks, French Antique Bronze Enamel Statue Sculpture Large Model France circa 1930s, French Antique Bronze Enamel Sculpture Statue Gymnast France circa 1930s, Antique VICTORIAN French BRONZED STATUE Ch. Perron CHERUB Holding BASKET Compote, Large French Bronze statue ALFRED DESIRE LANSON 1851 1898 SUSSE FRÉRES PARIS, 19th Early 20th C. French Emanuelle Villanis Bronze Carmen Bust Statue Sculpture, Vintage Spelter Bronze Clock Top Goddess Greek Roman French Figurine Statue , French Antique Bronze Statue Sculpture Fencing Frogs France circa 1920s, Large Antique c.1900 French Victorian Bronzed Spelter WInged Fairy Girl Statue, SUPERB FRENCH 19TH CENTURY ANTIQUE SIGNED MOREAU BRONZE STATUE SCULPTURE, Pair French Bronze Gilt Spelter Marble BOOKENDS Nude PUTTI Statue Set CHERUBS, ANTIQUE solid BRONZE ART DECO HORSE STATUE marble statue 1900s French original, Pr XL Antique French Rococo Figural bronze Patti cherubs Statues, Antique French Napoleon Bronze Statue Figurine E.Pinedo foundry stamp 1889, Antique Vintage Victorian French Bronze Spelter Greek Soldier Statue C1890, Statue Sculpture Napoleon French Style Bronze Signed, Pr ANTIQUE REGENCY solid BRONZE CANDLESTICKS 1815 Original statues French Empire, ANTIQUE FRENCH LOST WAX CAST BRONZE BUST BACCHUS WINE GOD FIGURINE STATUE SIGNED, LARGE PAIR FRENCH NEOCLASSIC STYLE BRONZE STATUES RECLINING NUDE MALE FIGURES, French Bronze statue by Edouard Drouot 1859 1945 Tiger fighting with Man, ANTIQUE FRENCH ART DECO SOLID BRONZE RAM STATUE SCULPTURE BOOK BOOKENDS SIGNED, Antique French cold painted bronze Bird with baskets Figurine, Ormolu, statue , Antique Artist Signed Jean Debut French Bronze Angel Spiritual Sculpture Statue, Antique French Bronze Sculpture Statue Young Girl by Joseph D’Aste 1881 1945 , Vintage Limited Edition French Bronze Gilt Military Statue Napoleon Army Figure, ANTIQUE PAUL HERZEL POMPEIAN BRONZE FRENCH DOG ART STATUE SCULPTURE BOOKENDS TOY, Vintage French Bronzed Art Deco Statue Spaniel Dog Spelter Sculpture c. 1930 , Fine Rare French Bronze Statue Bas Relief Sculpture Figure Figurine Art Nouveau , Pair French Antique Bronze Lion Statues Recumbant Lions , ANTIQUE 19C BRONZE STATUE FIGURINE FRENCH FLOWER GIRL, Pair Bronze Bulls Signed Fratin French Casting Statue Cow Animals, Circa 1880 Antique Bronze Napoleon Bust French Emperor Statue Casting Napolean, Beautiful French Antique Gilt Bronze Statue Figurine Georges Omerth PARIS Signed, Antique French plated bronze statue of birds, Paul Comolera, An Antique French Silvered & Gilt Bronze Statue by E.H.Dumaige 1830 1888 , Barbizon School French Solid Bronze Antique Sculptures Statue Figurines, ANTIQUE BRONZE STATUE EGYPTIAN QUEEN FRENCH SCULPTOR LEON PILET , Rare Antique Charles Masse French Bronzed Spelter Statue L'Affaire d'Honneur Man, ANTIQUE FRENCH BRONZE NAPOLEON STATUE 1900 FRANCE, ATTRACTIVE FRENCH BRONZE STATUE OF A FARMER LATER 19TH CENTURY LE FANEUR , BEAUTIFUL ANTIQUE GILDED BRONZE ANGEL STATUE FRENCH, Bronze Statue Sculpture Winged French Lg 26 Tresor De La Terre Rancoulet Beauty, ANTIQUE FRENCH BRONZE DROUOT BLADE SHARPENER INKWELL STATUE FIGURINE, Antique A.J.Peiffer 19th C French Bronze Statue, ANTIQUE FRENCH AUGUSTE MOREAU BRONZE STATUE OF A SITTING WOMAN, Antique French Animalier Bronze Ram Statue 19th century, illegibly signed, French Antique Bronze Statue Sculpture Art Deco Dancer France circa 1910s, Clodion French Bronze Rococo Style Gold Gilded Candelabra Statue Signed, antique classical french bronze statue carrier belleuse 1870 greek roman paris, LARGE REAL BRONZE Antique CUPID STATUE ANGEL Dolphin SCULPTURE French Rococo, Vintage Sylvain Kinsburger French 19C Bronze Horn Player Figurine Statue Lamp, ANTIQUE bronze statue of Napoleon Bonaparte Sienna marble pedestal French Empire, French white metel or Bronze statue of man, French Antique Bronze Statue Sculpture Flower Girl France 19th Century, Vintage French Bronzed Figurine Statue Dog Spelter Sculpture of Retriever, French Bronze Gilt Marble Bookends Nude Putti Statue Set Cherubs Pair, Early French Bronze Statue 21 inches, French Antique Bronze Enamel Statue Sculpture Gymnast France circa 1930s, VICTORIAN 18th 19TH CENTURY PAIR FRENCH BRONZE STATUES CHARUB PUTTI CHILD FIGURE


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